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Could a defined query be created to identify journal titles contributing included studies

Our group, along with the MSK group, are working with the McMasterPlus folk (who provide a literature alerting service for our review authors). One thing we'd like to do is compare a list of journal titles which are cited in the included studies of our reviews to the journals scanned by McMasterPlus.

Jordi was able to get a summer student to trawl through their records in the CRS. Unfortunately our group has neither a TSC nor the resources to hire anyone to do something like this so I'm writing to ask if it might be possible to have a query built to extract the information from Archie?

What we'd be looking for in particular is a query of the last published version of a review (it's fine if it's been withdrawn or is inactive), to extract the journal title for any citation which appear in the "included studies" section. We can easily sort and sum them but it's just getting the actual names out which is the sticking point.

In theory, this query might be useful for other groups (to know which journals are contributing the most data to their reviews) for other reasons, so perhaps it could be saved and accessible to any group?

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declined  ·  AdminJacob Riis (UX Lead, Cochrane) responded  · 

Declined – as user was happy with the following support for this:

1. Use Review Version Search to find and select all your currently published review versions
Versions Published between | Issue 9, 2014 (ongoing) | Issue 9, 2014 (ongoing)
Entity | Is | Upper Gastrointestinal and Pancreatic Diseases Group
Stage | Is | Full Review)

2. Export (eg to HTML), and in the wizard add an XPath field

3. Click the Xpath field you added, and in the box below add:

When you export you will get something like this for each review :
“Chinese Journal of Practical SurgeryJournal of Gastrointestinal Surgery[..]”

This then needs need to be cleaned up of course, and then de-duplicated.


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