What happens to my idea?

Once your idea is submitted, it will be visible by all for voting immediately. After a quick review by the UX Lead, it may go through several stages (listed below). In basic terms, the great and simple ideas will go straight to implementation, while complex ideas will need discussion with the UXG, and stakeholder consultation. Ideas that have merit, but are not seen as priorities, will be left to gather more votes.
Note that there is a separate process for the Cochrane Style Manual.

Idea statuses and the UXG workflow


Detail, usage

Action required


New idea, not reviewed by anybody yet, can still be voted and commented on

UXL to review, grade, and assign other status


More details requested. Assigned together with comment on what is requested.

Submitter (or others) to respond with clarification.

Open for voting

Awaiting more votes or comment before further action is taken.

Nothing specific.

UX Lead to keep an eye out for significant vote increases, and important comments.  

UX Group review

Being discussed by UXG.

UXG to decide, and assign other status.


Awaiting feedback from one or more stakeholder groups

Stakeholder Group(s) to respond to feedback request


Agreed to develop - waiting to be added to a batch of programming work (a ‘sprint’).

Product Owner or Project Manager  to schedule for development.


In active development.
All votes for this feature returned to users.

UX Lead to flag as completed, once released.





Will not be considered further (unless strong counter argument presented). All votes for this feature returned to users.



Offensive or incomprehensible.


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