Cochrane Style Manual: process for updating

The Cochrane Style Manual is revised in response to changes within Cochrane or to incorporate new standards. The manual may also be revised in response to suggestions from users or from the Cochrane Style Manual Working Group. Suggestions for additions, clarifications or other improvements can be submitted via Cochrane Ideas.

How ideas are considered

Once an idea is submitted, it will be visible immediately to other users of the forum, who may vote on the idea. All ideas are reviewed soon after submission, and contributors may be asked for clarification.

Some suggestions will be implemented quickly, whereas others may need further discussion by the Cochrane Style Manual Working Group or input from subject specialists. Ideas that have merit, but are not seen as priorities, may be left to gather more votes.

Workflow for ideas

SM Lead = Style Manual leads: John Hilton, Elizabeth Royle
SMWG = Style Manual Working Group

Ideas statuses


Detail, usage

Action required


New idea, not reviewed by anybody yet, can still be voted and commented on

SM lead to review, grade, and assign other status


More details requested. Assigned together with comment on what is requested.

Submitter (or others) to respond with clarification.

Open for voting

Awaiting more votes or comment before further action is taken.

Nothing specific.

SM Lead to keep an eye out for significant vote increases, and important comments.  

Under review

Being discussed by SMWG

SMWG to decide, and assign other status.


Awaiting feedback from one or more stakeholder groups

Stakeholder Group(s) to respond to feedback request


Agreed to action; prioritised

SM Lead to schedule


In active development: change being prepared. All votes for this feature returned to users.

SM Lead to flag as completed, once released.





Will not be considered further (unless strong counter argument presented). All votes for this feature returned to users.



Offensive or incomprehensible.



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